Providing unlimited software solutions

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Axiom a product of
Peakey Enterprise LLC.

Peakey Enterprise LLC is a software development company located in Warsaw Indiana. We have strong ties to the local community and provide software solutions and support to many businesses in the surrounding area. Our client’s industries range from small business, retail, to manufacturing and medical.

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Axiom Team

While Peakey operates as the local software solutions company, Axiom provides app development directly under Peakey. The Axiom team is always available to answer questions that clients may have and strives to keep up with the changing need of our clients and local partners.

Axiom Advantages

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    Being centrally located allows us to be better able to serve our clients. We have a storefront and walk-in hours where a professional will always be available to answer questions and provide assistance.

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    Easy of Use

    Creating an app with Axiom’s editor is incredibly simple--no app development knowledge required! It also allows the client and the Axiom team to co-contribute on an application when desired.

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    Cross Platform

    Axiom is a cross-platform web application. You can publish your app for Android, iOS, and Windows applications. The use of multiple platforms can maximize exposure of your app.